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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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Our Wards

All three wards run on the same staffing levels for all shifts, we currently work 12 hour shifts. Staffing levels for the day shift are 4 Registered Nurses and 3 Care Support Workers. For the night shift there are 3 Registered Nurses and 1 Care Support Worker. The nurse to patient ratio is 1 to 8 and this will not be breeched during daylight hours. Ongoing recruitment is in process to ensure this remains the same overnight. During the day shifts there is a shift coordinator out of the numbers.  Monday to Fridays between 7am-3pm there is a supervisory ward manager.

Salford Royal had it most recent inspection in January 2015 from the CQC. We received the rating of ‘Outstanding’, with special reference to End of Life Care and Dementia and Delirium Care. These two areas are a large part of the work that is undertaken in Ageing and Complex Medicine, this is an achievement that we are very proud of. In addition to these two areas of practice Ageing and Complex Medicine also specialise in lots of other areas, for example Diabetes care, Heart Failure, Parkinson’s, Falls Prevention and Frailty.

Each ward has a Patient Pathway Manager to assist in the coordination of complex discharge planning.

All three Ageing and Complex Medicine wards hold weekly MDT meetings along with daily board rounds. This gives us further opportunity to provide a multi-disciplinary approach in achieving the best outcomes for our group of patients.