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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Inpatient Services

A number of our patients may require admission to Salford Royal Hospital, whether due to acute illness or for routine assessments. The Metabolic Department works closely with our allocated wards in order to provide our patients with the highest standard of care.


Routine Tests and Assessments

When our patients are admitted for routine tests, their allocated ward is the Medical Investigations Unit (MIU). MIU is based on ward L1 in the purple area (Ladywell Building) which has recently been fully refurbished. The Ladywell building has its own entrance which is situated within a stones throw of L1. We routinely send out maps of the hospital with new appointments, however if you feel you need any extra help in finding your destination, feel free to contact the department for extra direction.


MIU is made up of both bed and chair bays. All patients staying overnight will be allocated a bed in a same sex bay. However patients coming in for treatment which does not call for an overnight stay will be allocated a chair in a mixed sex bay.


When coming for treatment, you will usually be treated by one of our Metabolic Nurses, however if you are coming for an overnight stay, your care will usually be provided by the staff on MIU.


Unplanned/Emergency Admissions

In the case of an emergency admission, our patients are usually allocated a bed on ward L6 when it is possible. L6 specialises in Diabetes and is situated in the purple area of the hospital (Ladywell building) and is very well signposted throughout the site.


L6 is a general medical ward however with input from the metabolic nursing team they have grown to understand our patients and their needs which are sometime extremely complex.


As a department, we understand that coming in to hospital is rarely an exciting prospect. However, we feel that we are very fortunate in the fact that our allocated wards are not only beneficial healing and working environments, but the staff are welcoming, friendly and keen to learn more about our patients and their conditions. We hope that this will in turn make your hospital stay as relaxing and productive as possible.