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Monday 22 July 2019
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Nursing Services

The nurse will be the patient’s first point of call in clinic and will carry out the physical observations, co-ordinate the clinic appointment to ensure that they are reviewed by all relevant professionals and carry out any necessary assessments such as a blood test. A nurse consultation may be required in order to carry out a calcium intake questionnaire, speech and language assessment, capacity assessment or mini mental assessment. Additionally, patients may want to see a nurse to discuss any other ongoing problems including social issues, treatment, diagnostic and monitoring procedures.  


Outside of clinic we are available by telephone or email to discuss any potential issues that patients may have regarding their metabolic condition. They regularly liaise with homecare services regarding ERT or other medication, local services and other professionals involved in their care. The nurses encourage patients to independently manage their condition as much as possible and will provide the appropriate support as required.

The nurses would liaise with the patient’s local hospital regarding any planned or unplanned admissions, which may require specialist nurse input. For metabolic patients who are admitted into Salford Royal, the nurse would be involved in reviewing the patient with the doctor.


Within the hospital the metabolic nurse’s co-ordinate and treat patients who are required to attend for ERT, patients commencing on ERT would need to attend for an agreed number of infusions prior to going to homecare. Additionally patients who are switching treatment or having infusion related reactions at home may need to attend the hospital for monitoring purposes. This would take place on the allocated ward which is also used to admit patients for day case investigations, including a skin biopsy, non-ischaemic forearm test and other metabolic tests; this will be supported by the metabolic nurse.