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Monday 23 September 2019
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young child having his diabetes checked, blood sample

Diabetes Service

This is a lifelong condition that causes the amount of sugar in your blood to become unstable. 

The Paediatric Diabetes Service provides a number of clinics for children and young people. The clinic on Friday morning is a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) clinic where you will have the opportunity to see the Consultant, Specialist Nurse and Specialist Dietitian. We also have a psychologist as part of the team at this clinic. Wednesday morning is a nurse led Annual review clinic and Wednesday afternoon is the MDT Teenage Clinic.

We also offer “virtual clinics” where information from your blood glucose meter, continuous glucose monitor or pump that has been uploaded to Diasend can be reviewed remotely.

Before you attend the clinic it is helpful if you have uploaded to Diasend the day before. This saves a considerable amount of time in clinic. If you have not been able to do this it is important that you bring with you every blood glucose meter that you are using. We do recommend you only use one blood glucose meter.

For further information, please see our useful links page.