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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Information security


When you attend appointments, your clinician may take some written notes, which will be used as a reminder of what you have discussed and any actions to be taken. After you have met with your clinician, they will enter an electronic note onto your medical record. Any paper/written notes will then be placed in confidential waste. Your electronic notes can only be accessed by clinicians within the psychology department.


However, clinicians are bound by duty to pass on information if they feel that it reflects an intention to hurt either oneself, or someone else. These are extreme circumstances, and wherever possible the clinician would raise this with you in the first instance.


Information which is shared with other professionals involved in your care, for example, your GP, might take the form of brief details about; the reason for seeing you, any risk concerns, anxiety or depression scores relating to your health condition, and the type of/amount of sessions offered.


A letter would usually be sent after assessment, at discharge, and sometimes in between as an update, and this will be discussed with you at assessment.


We will not
  • Leave information in public sight                      
  • Leave computers with personal information logged on         
  • Confirm people’s details to a third party without ensuring they have the right to know the information
  • Store personally identifiable information on any portable device unless it has been encrypted


You can read more about the Trust’s Privacy Policy page.