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Monday 22 July 2019
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What is Health Psychology?

Health Psychology aims to help people who are suffering distress, whilst coping with illness. Health Psychology is a way of working with the whole person, and how they are impacted by health and illness. It offers a safe, confidential space to explore concerns around health issues, discuss your experiences, and for your point of view to be heard about your treatment.


Health psychologists work with individuals, groups, and study interactions between patients and healthcare professionals in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of these communications for both parties.


If you choose to be referred to the service for an assessment (which may or may not lead to a period of agreed therapy), it may be because we could help with the following:

  • Providing a space for you to discuss and explore your responses to a health problem. 

  • We can help you to manage your health condition more effectively, for example, using psychological strategies. 

  • We can support you to adjust to limitations or changes that your health condition may have caused to your life, or future concerns around this.

  • Sometimes people have negative experiences during hospital stays, and may struggle with, for example, understanding what occurred, traumatic memories of the illness or medical procedures. You may have worries about similar happening to them again. We can help you to work through and move on from these experiences.

  • We can help you to identify your own strength and resilience and think about areas where you may want more support.

  • We may be able to help you with factors which can have an effect on your health, for example, anxiety and depression/low mood.