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Monday 23 September 2019
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For Patients and Relatives

This section aims to provide relatives of patients and healthcare professionals with information about the services offered by this department.

We hope you find these areas useful.


  • Simulation Ward Admission to Critical CareInformation regarding the admission process and what to expect
  • Critical Care, level 3 Hope building Critical Care AreasInformation about what happens in each of the Critical Care areas
  • mother, on the phone How can I find out what's happening to my relative?Information on the steps to take to find out what is happening to your relative whilst they are with us
  • Hope Building Information for relatives/visitorsthis page provides information for relatives/visitors to our department, including directions how to find us and details on what to expect when you arrive and how to contact your relative
  • female patient, in clinic, information leaflet Relatives Support InformationAs a relative your experience is a very personal one and you may find that the way you react to your loved ones admission to the critical care unit strange and unfamiliar, different to how you would normally cope with difficult situations.