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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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SRFT Leaflets

Patient Leaflets

Within this section you will find information a comprehensive list of authorised patient leaflets which relate to our Department. 


This section is being continuously reviewed and updated, to provide the latest and most accurate information.


Please refer to this section regularly.


Current Leaflets

application/pdfA guide for diet and oral picolax preparation for colonoscopy (697KB)Download
application/pdfAlcohol What You Need to Know (973KB)Download
application/pdfAnorectal Physiology Studies (209KB)Download
application/pdfBiofeedback for difficult defaecation (236KB)Download
application/pdfBiofeedback to improve bowel continence (359KB)Download
application/pdfBravo ph – wireless capsule ph assessment (699KB)Download
application/pdfCapsule endoscopy pill cam (579KB)Download
application/pdfClinical Psychology in Gastrointestinal Services (181KB)Download
application/pdfColonoscopy sigmoidoscopy aftercare (362KB)Download
application/pdfContinuing High Risk Drinkers Harm Reduction Information Sheet (607KB)Download
application/pdfGastroscopy Aftercare Following sedation (355KB)Download
application/pdfGastroscopy aftercare no sedation (366KB)Download
application/pdfHaving a colonoscopy sigmoidoscopy A guide to (588KB)Download
application/pdfHaving an upper GI endoscopy A guide to (460KB)Download
application/pdfHigh impact substance misuse team (626KB)Download
application/pdfInformation and aftercare for patients requiring rectal banding (527KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for patients having a pouchoscopy (372KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for Patients Requiring an Ileoscopy (470KB)Download
application/pdfOesophageal Manometry (260KB)Download
application/pdfOesophageal Manometry and 24hr Impedance pH Study (203KB)Download
application/pdfOesophageal Manometry and 24hr pH Study (202KB)Download
application/pdfPatency test (prior to the pill cam test) (428KB)Download
application/pdfRectal irrigation (general) (575KB)Download
application/pdfUnderstanding adalimumab (524KB)Download
application/pdfUnderstanding infliximab (434KB)Download
application/pdfUnderstanding maintenance therapy (632KB)Download
application/pdfUnderstanding methotrexate (638KB)Download