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Saturday 24 August 2019
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For Patients

This section aims to provide patients and healthcare professionals with information about the services offered by this department.


Additional information about a range of conditions can be found under the Further information heading which contains further information and useful links to external websites. 

  • Hand and Wrist Service About our service - an overviewThe Musculoskeletal Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (MSK CATS) is a 'one-stop shop' where problems are assessed, diagnosed and treated, where possible, in one appointment using a patient centred approach.
  • A woman sitting on exam table talking to her doctor. Doctor examining patient's feet/ankle About our service - what we provideInformation on the onsite services we try and offer on the day of your appointment
  • Woman exercising in the gym. Using machine/ equipment with information display. Healthy livingMany Musculoskeletal disorders (aches and pains affecting the spine, joints, muscles etc) can be helped or prevented if you live a healthy lifestyle. Being physically active, being a healthy weight and a reducing or stopping smoking can all make a huge difference.
  • A nurse gives a patient an injection in the arm. Treatment. Patient services. InjectionsSteroid Injections are sometimes offered in the management of some musculoskeletal conditions. These are offered in line with evidence based practice to some patients if they do not have a medical reason for needing to avoid this.
  • Clinic appointment The Patients journeyBy being referred into the MSK CATS, you will begin a journey where you will be seen, within two weeks, by advanced musculoskeletal practitioners who will be working alongside orthopaedic surgeons, specialist nurses, radiographers, podiatrists, chiropractors and many more skilled staff
  • Dr with patient Your appointmentthis page provides further information on what happens during and after your inital appointment with our team