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Saturday 24 August 2019
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Manchester Skull Base Unit

The Manchester Skull Base Unit is one of the busiest in the country with an international reputation. The 3 neurosurgeons who form part of this team are Mr Andrew King, Mr Scott Rutherford and Mr Kanna Gnanalingham. We deal with a variety of problems that affect structures within the base of the skull, the commonest of which are benign tumours such as vestibular schwannomas (acoustic neuromas) and meningiomas. We also treat patients with conditions affecting the nerves at the base of the skull such as trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm.


Skull base surgery is a subspecialty where teamwork is vital to ensure the best possible outcomes, and we work closely with many other surgical and non-surgical specialties. This includes skull base ENT surgeons, head and neck surgeons, ophthalmologists, maxillo-facial surgeons, oncologists and radiologists. Referrals come both from GPs as well as neurosurgical colleagues locally and nationally, and all cases will then be discussed at a multi-disciplinary team meeting prior to being seen in clinic. Surgery is undertaken either as a microsurgical or endoscopic procedure (as appropriate) by a team of surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses who have great experience in dealing with skull base problems. 


Being one of the busiest skull base units in the country has allowed the establishment of an internationally renowned skull base fellowship. It has also allowed the Manchester Skull Base Unit to publish and present its experience and research widely.