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Monday 23 September 2019
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Movement Disorder Surgery

A team of specialist healthcare professionals meet with patients and assess their suitability for deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery. This team includes specialist neurologists, a neurosurgeon, specialist nurses and clinical neuropsychologists.


The team holds regular meetings to discuss patients who are currently considering surgery.


Neuropsychology Assessment

The pre-surgical neuropsychological assessment includes an investigation of thinking abilities including memory. It is also an opportunity for patients to discuss their thoughts about surgery, any emotional difficulties and issues that may affect their quality of life.


Following surgery, patients are reviewed by the specialist team at regular intervals. Neuropsychological review is routinely offered to patients for two years following surgery. At twelve months after surgery, patients are asked to undertake a repeat neuropsychological assessment.


Therapy and Advice

Cognitive problems such as poor memory and emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression are experienced by some people with movement disorders. As part of our neuropsychology service we offer individual therapy and advice to patients.


For information on referrals to the Movement Disorder Surgery Service, please click here.