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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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Explaining the Specialist Palliative Care Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

All the referred patients are discussed at The Specialist Palliative Care Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) weekly meeting, which aims to provide:


The local delivery of specialist palliative care to patients, families and carers for residents of Salford (and other health districts who are referred to Salford Royal for specialist/tertiary services) in collaboration with the Salford Community Specialist Palliative Care Team.


Indirect patient care through advice and education of generalist colleagues (including the development and implementation of patient pathways) across hospital, hospice, community, primary care, care homes and social care sector.


Direct patient and carer assessment and review, where palliative care needs are complex and cannot be met by hospital, community and/or Primary Health Care Teams (including in-reach to EAU/A&E and urgent response in the community).


Evidence-based palliative care education locally, regionally and nationally within the pre- and post -registration curricula of medical/nursing, allied health professionals, social care and care home staff.


Higher medical training to Registrars in Palliative Medicine, and other related medical specialties, and  core medical training to GP ST2 Trainees.


Provision of quality assured patient information , in partnership with the local and national information services, to ensure the  information needs of carers and patients are met.


Development and delivery of evidence-based palliative care through implementation and evaluation of national patient programmes, research and audit.


Patient and carer partnership working.