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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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male patient in bed being examined by a Dr. Credit: Mike Robinson

Hospital palliative care team

How can we help?

You may need support from our team for various reasons:

  • Pain management
  • Management of other symptoms caused by your illness
  • To provide you with support and information that may help you make decisions about the care and treatment you could be offered
  • To help you and your family adjust to living with a serious or progressive illness.
  • To offer support to your family/ carers
  • Referral for other Palliative care support e.g. District Nurses, Community Macmillan Nurses and Hospice services. This type of support is called Palliative care.


What happens when you have been referred to the Palliative Care team?

  • A member of the Palliative care Team will visit you to talk about your care. This person will be your Palliative Care Key Worker whilst in hospital.
  • Each week the Palliative care Team meet to discuss the needs/ treatment of patients known to the team (all information remains confidential).
  • Your Key Worker will then discuss a plan of care with you and the ward team. If you wish to have a copy of this plan of care, please let your Key Worker know.