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Monday 23 September 2019
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About the Service

The Pharmacy Service offers a wide range of pharmaceutical service to patients and staff at the hospital, the local primary care trust, St Ann’s Hospice and a local private hospital.


This includes procuring and dispensing medicines and providing any additional information that clinical staff may require about the use of medicines. The service offers a clinical service to all ward areas.


Ward areas are visited by a ward based pharmacy team on a daily basis. Clinical pharmacists give support to medical and nursing staff on prescribing and administration of medicines. Pharmacy technicians ensure that medicines are supplied in a timely manner and pharmacy assistants provide drug stock items to wards and departments.


The clinical service is supported by a Medicines Information (MI) unit and an Aseptic Preparation Unit .


The MI unit is part of the national UK MI Service and is based in the inpatient Pharmacy.  


The Aseptic Preparation unit prepares sterile drug products for use in the hospital. These products include cytotoxic chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition (intravenous feeding) and a centralised intravenous additive service. The products made are produced to quality standards through manufacturing practice guidelines and the unit is inspected regularly by NHS Quality Control NorthWest.


The service supports over 50 clinical trials and has a newly opened clinical trials dispensary. 


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