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Saturday 24 August 2019
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For Patients

This section provides information for patients and their relatives / carers.  For clinical information please see our Professions section or view our Further Information area for information which isn't contained here.


We hope that you will find the pages useful and helpful.


  • Clinic appointment About RheumatologyThe Rheumatology Service at Salford Royal aims to provide comprehensive and individual care for patients with inflammatory arthritis and their carers.
  • woman on phone HelplineHelpline information for patients on disease modifying therapy and Anti-TNF medication
  • A woman sitting on exam table talking to her doctor. Doctor examining patient's feet/ankle Intra-Articular InjectionsIntra-articular injections involve the insertion of a needle into the joint space of the joint to be injected in order to insert an injectable medication. The purpose of this procedure is to treat individual joints in a number of inflammatory disorders.
  • CMC (Basal) Joint Arthritis Osteoarthritis of the Carpometacarpal Thumb JointThis page provides information about your thumb arthritis and give you a better understanding of your thumb joint, why you experience pain, and how you can manage your symptoms.