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Thursday 22 August 2019
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For Patients / Relatives

The list below contains further information on all of the stroke services we provide at Salford Royal.  These include local and Greater Manchester wide services.


If you would like more information on these services please see the contact us page.


  • view of hospital from Hope Building, looking towards Mayo Building About the ServiceSalford Royal provides the Comprehensive Stroke Centre for the Greater Manchester Clinical Stroke Network. We provide care for people presenting with symptoms of stroke within four hours of onset from across Greater Manchester, in collaboration with our colleagues in the Primary and District Stroke Centres across the city.
  • ASU Team Acute Stroke Unit (ASU) CareInformation on the care offerred within the acute stroke unit. The earlier a person with stroke is admitted to ASU, the better.
  • patient in clinic, having a consultation with their clinician Care following dischargeSummary of service after discharge - most people attending the Comprehensive Stroke Centre are transferred back to their local district stroke centre for ongoing care.
  • A hospital ward. Nursing and caring for sick people. A person lying in a hospital bed, and four nurses around the patient bed, helping the person to move about or reposition them in the bed. Carrying out daily routines. Nurses and ward assistants. A Hyperacute treatment of StrokeInformation on acute stroke treatment - on arrival in the Comprehensive Stroke Centre (CSC), the patient is immediately seen by a member of the Stroke Team, usually in the Accident and Emergency Department.
  • Clinic appointment Rapid access TIA clinicInformation about TI service - Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) can be a warning sign of stroke.
  • L1 Team Stroke Rehabilitation WardInformation about the rehabillitation ward - stroke rehabilitation takes place in ward L1 (purple area) and in the B3 stroke unit (blue area).