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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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ASU Team
ASU Team

Acute Stroke Unit (ASU) Care

The earlier a person with stroke is admitted to ASU, the better.


Experienced nursing staff, working closely with stroke doctors and specialist nurses, are able to provide specialist care, assessments and monitoring from the time of admission.


People whose local district stroke centre is in another hospital are transferred back to their local stroke unit as soon as the diagnosis has been confirmed by the Stroke Consultant, and early imaging and acute treatments are complete. This means that rehabilitation and ongoing care can continue nearer to the patient’s home, making it easier for family members to visit and to plan discharge.


Nursing staff on ASU work as part of a specialised multidisciplinary team alongside physio therapists, occupational and speech therapists, social workers and the Stroke Association Information and Support coordinator to provide early rehabilitation and assessment.


Assessment of swallowing, nutrition, continence, mobility and memory and concentration can be performed in ASU, prior to a decision about the safety of discharge or the need for further rehabilitation has been made.