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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Clinic appointment

Rapid access TIA clinic

Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) can be a “warning sign” of stroke.


People with TIA can be assessed as being at high or lower risk of stroke, using a simple clinical assessment called the ABCD2 score. This score can be performed in A&E or by a GP.


Anyone scoring four or more on this score, or with more than one TIA in a week, should be seen by a specialist within 24 hours of the TIA. At the Trust, we have a daily rapid access clinic led by one of the stroke consultants or stroke registrars. Access to this clinic is via the Acute Stroke Unit (ASU).


Attendance at the clinic involves a diagnostic assessment by a specialist, electrocardiogram (ECG), blood tests and often an ultrasound of the carotid arteries.  Other tests are organised as necessary. People will be advised about life style risk factors (for example, advice to stop smoking, eat a healthier diet and to exercise more); treatment of high blood pressure, cholesterol, detection of diabetes and detection of irregular heart rhythm. You will be prescribed appropriate treatment.


You should not drive following a TIA (or following a suspected TIA) for 28 days; you also need to inform your insurance company.