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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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L1 Team

Stroke Rehabilitation Ward

Stroke Rehabilitation takes place in ward L1 (purple area) and in the B3 stroke unit (blue area).


Stroke care is multidisciplinary and is focused on working towards the achievement of therapeutic goals set by the patient and their family with the multidisciplinary team.


Problems such as swallowing, nutrition, continence, skin care, mobility and  activities of daily living (such as washing and dressing) are assessed and treatment plans put in place. Working with the patient and their family and carers, the team will also consider issues related to managing at home such as shopping and food preparation.


For most patients, the main goal in hospital is to return home, with appropriate support. Many people need further rehabilitation at home, provided by the Community Neurorehabilitation and Intermediate Care teams. Where possible, people are considered for Early Supported Discharge which allows an earlier transition back home with early rehabilitation and social support. Some people may need a staged discharge home over a week or two.


The social worker and Stroke Association Information, Advice and Support coordinator are invaluable sources of support during and after discharge.


Some people, for reasons of frailty or severity of their stroke, or both, may not feel able to return home, and for some, moving to a residential home or nursing home may be most appropriate.

The multidisciplinary team, including the social worker and Information, Advice and Support coordinator,  will discuss this with the patient, where appropriate, and with family and carers, and involve them in the decision making process from the beginning. The ward social worker is closely involved with additional support from the Stroke Association IAS coordinator.


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The Stroke Rehabilitation Consultant does a formal ward round each week, with a second round later in the week led by one of the stroke registrars. Family members and carers are invited to attend a family meeting soon after admission and again at later intervals where necessary.


If carers wish to discuss anything with one of the stroke medical team, they only have to ask one of the ward nurses and arrangements can be made for a meeting on the ward.