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Monday 23 September 2019
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Charitable Funds

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust - Charitable Funds
Registration No. 1049226


The Trust relies on voluntary donations and we would like to develop relationships with Charitable Trusts and Foundations who are committed to helping people in our community.


Thank you!

The support and loyalty we have received over the years has been fantastic. Thank you to everyone!


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Projects that Trusts and Foundations have helped to support:

Thanks to the generosity of those donating we have had many success stories whereby the following projects wouldn't have been able to be completed if it wasn't for your kind donation to the Trust, such as:


  • Balfour Beatty Northern Batch Hospitals Joint Venture 


List of the Trust's Charitable Funds

The associated funds are as follows:


  • General Surgery & Gastroenterology Department Fund
  • Intensive Care Department Fund
  • Intestinal Failure Department Fund

  • Neurosciences Department Fund
  • Gynaecology Department Fund
  • Orthopaedics Department Fund
  • Pathology Department Fund
  • Patients Amenities
  • Pharmacy Department Fund
  • Post Graduate Centre Fund
  • Rheumatology Department Fund
  • Urology Department Fund
  • Anaesthetics Department Fund
  • Cardiac Medicine Department Fund
  • Clinical Radiology Department Fund
  • Community Fund
  • Dermatology Department Fund
  • Elderly Care Services Department Fund
  • Emergency Department Fund
  • Endocrinology Department Fund
  • ENT Department Fund
  • General Fund
  • General Medicine Department Fund