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Tuesday 16 July 2019
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HeadStrong Volunteers at Salford Royal

We are looking for volunteers to support a HeadStrong volunteer service at Salford Royal.


What is HeadStrong?

At Breast Cancer Care, we often hear from people who use our services that sometimes the visible signs of cancer treatment, like hair loss, can potentially be the most difficult things to cope with. HeadStrong is a free service which provides practical support for anyone experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment. HeadStrong is run by breast cancer charity Breast Cancer Care but is open to people with any type of cancer.


How do the volunteers support people?

HeadStrong is run by volunteers who work in pairs to show people how to cope with hair loss by demonstrating a range of headwear, including scarves, hats and hairpieces. It’s a really practical session with lots of trying on so people can find something that suits them. We try to make sure that everyone leaves feeling more prepared for the experience of losing their hair and confident that they’ve found something that works for them. Clients are also given information about other services offered by Breast Cancer Care.


What skills and training do HeadStrong volunteers need? 

You do not need to have had a personal experience of breast cancer or hair loss to become a HeadStrong volunteer as all HeadStrong volunteers receive two days comprehensive training from Breast Cancer Care.  We request that volunteers are able to commit to two Tuesday afternoons a month and have good listening and interpersonal skills.


Clinics will be operated on the Salford Royal hospital site and volunteers will be managed by staff from Breast Cancer Care and Salford Royal.


For more information about the HeadStrong service please visit Breast Cancer Care’s website or contact Breast Cancer Care on 0114 263 6480.